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We introduce ourselves.
  From the Beginning: Perfection is our Aim.






After a cold winter the UGO (Universal-Largeroom-Oilheater) was an excellent start for the company.



This year forced air heaters are established into the market place, producing 30.000 kcal/h (120.000 btu/h).



The company grows rapidly and moves into a larger own building: Am Bahner 78



A second product line is introduced: Cleaning machines. Out of the first steam-cleaner Wilms develops a hot-water high-pressure cleaner with 35 bar.



Expansion continues to vast growth and results in the rental of two additional buildings. Wilms now decides for a new building.




Wilms moves into a new 20.000 m² HQ in Giesenkirchen which accommodates 5.000 m² plant and 1.000 m² offices and social rooms.




In Japan Kurt Wilms discovers an oil fired infrared heater producing 40 kW. With this asset Wilms expands in Europe within a very short period of time.





Introduction of dehumidifiers and equipment into the Wilms product range for drying the cold way and preventing damage to buildings with damp.





After the Berlin Wall falls, Wilms expands with a new network of distributors backed by a service organisation in new locations.




In the beginning of the new millennium more than 500.000 heaters have left the factory. The export gains in importance.




The targets for the future have been defined: Growth by quality and reliability, preservation of jobs and further strengthening of the Wilms brand.



Jochen Wilms
Managing Director





An ice cold winter in February 1956 was the reason for Kurt Wilms to deal intensively with the subject heating and to create a heating solution just as simple as brilliant: This was the hour of birth of the first oil fired instant heater of the Wilms brand.
The UGO (Universal-Largeroom-Oilheater) solved countless freezing problems and protected many companies against damage, as well as heating their workforce.

Due to demand Wilms develops a complete range of instant heaters oil, gas and electrically operated as well forced air as infrared for exact spot heating, for indoor and outdoor use.

In 1966 Wilms presents in addition to its product range the steam cleaner ? nowadays more exactly called high-pressure cleaner ? for professional use on the German market. This was the start for an additional product line which has been extended to a complete programme supplemented by wet- and dryvacuum cleaners, sweepers and scrubber dryers.

Since 1985 Wilms is one of the leading problem solvers in regard of humidity problems. The solution: Dehumidifiers which dry economically rooms and sections of buildings without additional heat and avoid damages by humidity.

In addition to this subject Wilms develops and sells also odour improvers and water separators with compressors for vacuum drying.

All Wilms products are manufactured to the highest quality, construction and specification. Reliability and after sales services are the most important part of the company`s success.

Perfection is our aim from your initial purchase of our Wilms equipment to the function and reliability. This is achieved under the management of Jochen Wilms and his professional team.

 Continuous Wilms Quality: Perfection in Detail.


A flexible production schedule instead of vast production is the Wilms motto. On one hand the efficient production builds the basis for an economical manufacturing, on the other hand there are always ideas how details can be improved.





Wilms is at the forefront of new technology within its vast range of equipment, ensuring that this remains uncomplicated, ensuring ease of use with their products.

This is ongoing on a daily basis.


 The Warehouse Size of Wilms:
 Machinery and Spares are stored in more than
 5000 m²


Generous space in the warehouse and extensive spare part inventory are the base for a trouble free business operation.

The well known and quick delivery service is an important guarantee for the success of the Wilms brand.






The spare parts for the entire Wilms programme are stored in the central multi floor facility.

Quick access and continuous availability of all required parts shortens delivery schedules and gives the customer a maximum efficient response to demand of spares, absolutely essential within the service industry.


Large loading bays and traffic areas ensure trouble free shipping.




 The Wilms Service:
 The Difference is also shown here.

A vast service network of more than 150 independent workshops in Germany/ Europe guarantees an excellent service.

This ensures customers can expect first class service from the Wilms brand.






Flexible distributors can assist the user quickly and uncomplicated with service, spares or new machinery.

Several times per year service employees take part in one week lasting trainings ? and are certificated for the successful participation.


A constant exhibition in the atrium of the foyer gives every visitor the possibility to look at the complete Wilms programme.

Technical details are explained directly on the product and demonstrated too.

This creates trust and at the same time an overview about the performance spectrum.




A dense Net of our Sales Partners:
The qualified Wilms Dealers.





The sales organisation from Wilms with 14 subsidiaries spread over all federal states builds the most important platform for the continuous personal contact to the dealers.

Also in the era of the electronic communication systems this kind of solidarity is indispensable for Wilms.








Wilms is represented in all Europeancountries by com-petent importers.


Wilms equipment has been approved worldwide under toughest conditions; for example in developing countries or tasks after disasters.