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Part-No: 8000600 - VD 40 - Compressor for vacuum drying
When Drying Insolation you distinguish between two drying methods.

1. The overpressure method
Here the dry warmed process air is pressed with a side channel blower through special openings for example into the concrete floor through the insolatio and escapes through the joints into the closed room. During the floatation the air takes the humidity out of the insolation and will be dried again by the dehumidifiers which are located in the room. This process becomes a circulation until the desired drying degree is achieved.
A 1,1 kW compressor achieves an area capacity -depending on the structure of the insolation - of up to 50 m².


2. The vacuum- or suction method
Here the complete process is reversed and the humid air is sucked by a side channel blower out of the insolation.

The warm and by dehumidifiers dried air floats by the created vacuum through the opened joint through the insolation. Also this process is continued until the desired drying degree is achieved.

But in order that the compressor is not damaged by water or solid objects generally a water separator is required with the vacuum process.

  • Type: VD 40 / VD 40 SVS    
  • Typical area size: approx. 40-50 m²
  • Voltage: 230 V / 50 Hz
  • Volume Stream: 145 m³/h
  • Capacity: 1,1 kW
  • H x W x D mm: 370 x 400 x 405
  • Weight: 28,5 kg
  • Order-No.: 8000600 VD 40
  • Order-No.: 8000601 VD 40 SVS

Part-No: 8000605 - AS 80 - Water separator

The Wilms-Water-Separator AS 80 is a sensor controlled electrically operated mobile filter station with four functions:

  • Water Separator
  • Prefilter for solid objects and drop separation
  • Automatic Pump-Aparatus sensor controlled
  • Postpurge control for the second compressor


  • Type: AS 80 / AS 80 SVS
  • Typical area size: approx. 80 m²
  • Voltage: 230V / 50Hz
  • Volume Stream: up to max. 300 m³/h air passage
  • Capacity: 0,4 kW
  • H x W x D mm: 370 x 40 0x 560
  • Weight: 21,5 kg
  • Order-No.: 8000605

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